SniffCore is a framework with the goal to provide everything you need to create destop applications. Mainly for Windows.

Its based on .Net Core 3.1.

Over the time more and more assemblies will come, and existing assemblies will be extended and bugfixed.


SniffCore NuGet Changelog
SniffCore brings base classes and basic operations to work in an MVVM environment.
SniffCore.Collections NuGet Changelog
SniffCore.Collections brings some kind of collections for a more easy work with bound lists in an MVVM environment.
SniffCore.Converters NuGet Changelog
SniffCore.Converters provides a bunch of useful converters to be used in XAMLs
SniffCore.Layouting NuGet Changelog
SniffCore.Layouting is a collection of custom controls for layouting.
SniffCore.Mediation NuGet Changelog
SniffCore.Mediation provides objects for a proper communication between modules in an MVVM environment
SniffCore.Native NuGet Changelog
SniffCore.Native brings native an easy access to Windows API methods.
SniffCore.Navigation NuGet Changelog
SniffCore.Navigation follows the idea of "It shall be async".
It brings the possibility to show windows, user controls and dialogs in an MVVM environment.
Each VM can have an async ctor, cancel window opening, show loading progress and many more.
SniffCore.Networking NuGet Changelog
SniffCore.Networking provides methods and objects for a more easy network communication.
SniffCore.Popups NuGet Changelog
SniffCore.Popups is a collection of useful custom controls for popups any anything like these.
SniffCore.Security NuGet Changelog
SniffCore.Security provides way to secure data and strings.
SniffCore.Wrappers NuGet Changelog
SniffCore.Wrappers wraps objects for besser unit testing.