@MeMy career as a developer was started in 2006, I was using C++ all the time and I enjoyed it.
In 2008 C# came into the focus of my company, I tried it and I really like to work with this. Since this time I'm use C# not only at work. It’s also my favorite language for my private projects as well.
I begun to focus on WPF and it has not needed much time to see that many stuffs are not available.

My first library was born.

2009 the library was called CustomControls, and I enhanced it again and again by my own requirements. During the years more and more libraries were born and deleted later. But few very good are left and that's why I decided to publish these libraries over this page.

I really like them and I think other developers will like them too.
The libraries, the documentations and the support are made by me only.

So if you have questions, ideas or find problems, don’t hesitate and contact me.