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SniffCore.Input Namespace

Provides WPF controls for user input like a number box and more.
Public classAlphaInputLimiter
Allows only alpha input ([a-zA-Z ]) on a TextBox.
Public classAlphaNumericInputLimiter
Allows only numeric input ([a-zA-Z0-9 ]) on a TextBox.
Public classCode exampleBrowseTextBox
Adds a browse button to the TextBox.
Public classCancelButton
The button which calls the cancel command in the SearchTextBox.
Public classCharInsertModificator
Adjust the text in the TextBox that it always contains a dash every N position.
Public classInputLimiter
Allows or disallows user inputs on a TextBox.
Public classLostFocusBehavior
Defines the actions which should be done when the NumberBox lost the focus.
Public classCode exampleNumberBox
Displays a TextBox to accept numeric values only, so the text can be bound to a numeric property directly without converting.
Public classNumberChangedEventArgs
Holds the data passed when a NumberBox has changed its value.
Public classNumberCheckBox
Represents the check box shown in the NumberBox.
Public classNumberResetButton
Represents the reset to default button shown in the NumberBox.
Public classNumberUnitLabel
Represents the currency symbol shown in the NumberBox.
Public classNumericInputLimiter
Allows only numeric input ([0-9]) on a TextBox.
Public classCode examplePasswordBox
Hosts and enhances the PasswordBox to be able to bind the password value and show info text in the background.
Public classSearchButton
The button which calls the search command in the SearchTextBox.
Public classCode exampleSearchTextBox
Adds search and cancel buttons to the TextBox to represent a search box shown like in the Windows explorer.
Public classCode exampleTextBox
Enhances the TextBox by the possibilities to show background text, drop files and folders and place additional controls in.
Public classTextModificator
Allows modification of the text in the TextBox.
Public classCode exampleTimeBox
Shows textboxes to let the user input a time.
Public classToLowerModificator
Modifies the text to always lower in the TextBox.
Public classToUppperModificator
Modifies the text to always upper in the TextBox.
Public classUpDownButton
Represents a up or down button shown in the NumberBox control.
Public delegateNumberChangedEventHandler
The event handler for the NumberChanged event.
Public enumerationDroppableTypes
Represents what is possible to drop into the TextBox.
Public enumerationInfoAppearance
Defines when the InfoText in the TextBox and its derived controls is visible.
Public enumerationModificationTime
Defines when the TextModificator will be executed in the TextBox.
Public enumerationNumberBoxCheckBoxBehavior
Defines what should happen to the NumberBox if the internal checkbox is checked.
Public enumerationNumberBoxSelection
Defines how the automatic selection of the number in the NumberBox should behave.
Public enumerationNumberType
Defines which kind of numbers the NumberBox is accepting.
Public enumerationTimeFormat
Defines if the TimeBox contains a seconds box or not.
Public enumerationUpDownBehavior
Defines how the value in the NumberBox can incremented or decremented.
Public enumerationUpDownDirections
Represents the direction to be used for the up and down button in the NumberBox.
Public enumerationValueBehavior
Defines what the NumberBox should do when it lose the focus without a value (null).
Public enumerationWhitespaceHandling
Defines how to handle whitespaces in the TextBox.