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SniffCore.Buttons Namespace

Brings new button controls like a split button and more.
Public classCode exampleImageButton
Enhances the Button to show an disabled image. The bound image will be shown monochrome if the button is disabled.
Public classCode exampleOptionButton
A custom checkbox where a slider shows the checked and unchecked state.
Public classOptionButtonBack
The background control shown in the OptionButton.
Public classOptionButtonSlider
The slider shown in the OptionButton.
Public classCode exampleSplitButton
A button with a drop down where more commands can be available.
Public classSplitButtonItem
A single command entry in the SplitButton.
Public classSplitMainButton
The main button placed in the SplitButton.
Public classSplitToggleButton
The drop down toggle button placed in the SplitButton.
Public enumerationOptionButtonShape
Represents the shape of the option button slider and background.